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Humanity Matters NZ provides the following educational services:

Online Human Rights Education Materials

  • Lesson plans, activities and cross curricular-based resources on general human rights, misinformation and genocide that will benefit teachers/educators who deliver these to students.
  • The resources can be purchased on an annual basis.
  • Our resource materials are regularly updated to maintain their viability and currency.

Human Rights Seminars

  • Educational seminars on the history, importance, and relevance of human rights today.
  • Specialist seminars on genocide studies for schools/universities/educational institutes who have genocide as a topic in their curriculum; these are customised to each school/institutes’ particular needs and linked to the revised NZ curriculum across all subjects.
  • The seminars will be presented by Chris Harris, Executive Director, or education consultants associated with Humanity Matters.

Contact: Chris Harris at or 027 292 8163

Education is not a privilege. It is a human right.